Soshi Eriko

Purveyor of dark fashions.


It seems that the Scorpion have a fashion icon of their own.

Soshi Eriko is a fashion designer and shugenja who belongs to the Scorpion delegation at this year’s Winter Court in Toshi Ranbo. Ochiru learns of Eriko through hearsay before the two artisans encounter each other during the first day of court. The frosty exchange between the two artisans sets off a bitter rivalry that promises to be on full bloom at an upcoming fashion show.

By appraising Eriko’s dress, Ochiru gleaned that she possesses a shrewd demeanor punctuated by a disquieting lack of empathy. Nevertheless, the Scorpion designer remains a dangerous and daunting obstacle to Ochiru’s ambitions.


Soshi Eriko

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